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1. Pick a location

Getting self-storage from Ezeey Storage could not be easier.

We have three fantastic locations to choose from across the Midlands with a range of sizes to suit your needs.

Every Ezeey Self Storage location is easily accessible and very easy to get to.

Our sites are located at Leicester, Heanor and Loughborough and all the details can be found here.

You are now ready to start your book your self-storage site.Click here to start your booking.

2. Choose your storage size

Once you have decided which self storage location works for you, all you have to work out is what size you require.

We have a very handy size guide for you here which will tell you exactly what sizes are available at our three sites in Leicester Loughborough and Heanor

Furthermore, the size guide will also tell you how much you can store within the unit specified. So if you are unsure exactly how much a unit simply click on a size and read the notes on how much it can store.

Find out the different size options we have by clicking here

3. Book

Now that you have decided the location and size, simply follow the booking form and fill in the details. Once we have received your requirements we will call you to arrange your storage units.

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