5 hacks to get your DIY done – No mess or stress!


  1. 1. Tape Hack
  2. The most frustrating time of DIY is trying to find the end of your tape – if you haven’t go both hands to use, you have to sit there scratching away at to find the end of your tape and wasting your precious time. What’s more is that it’s highly frustrating when you can’t find it.

Waste time no longer! Put a paperclip at the end of your tape so next time you don’t have to worry about fumbling for the edge.

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  1. 2. Paint Brushes
  2. Painting can be heard work – making sure the finish looks smooth and that there aren’t droplets of paint splattered across the walls and furniture is a hard task. Don’t let yourself down by having to use an old and out of shape paint brush. Using these simple tricks, you can get your paintbrushes to stay in fantastic shape!

Wash and clean your brush and once your brush has dried, tie an elastic band around the bristles to keep them in shape, and hang them from a clothes hanger.


  1. 3. Dusty Drilling

Drilling through walls and boards can be messy and thankless – spare yourself the trouble and instead use these easy techniques to minimise mess.

If you’ve got another pair of hand, why not get them to hold a hoover pipe near to the drilling spot? This will simply draw most of the dust and won’t create a huge mess!

But if that’s not possible simply tack an empty envelope to the wall to collect dust that fall straight down. Easy and simple!

Construction Worker Drilling In Wall


  1. 4. Remove lime scale!

On cold winter days, there’s nothing quite as soothing as relaxing under a steady hot shower – but if your showerhead is blocked it’s not quite as glamorous. The limes scale build up will lead to choppy water flow and won’t allow you to relax.

Use this quick hack – fill a bag with distilled white vinegar and tie it over the head, leave it for an hour or two and then simply wipe all the gunk clean. Simple and easy – but don’t leave it for two long as you can damage your shower head.


  1. 5. Stubborn screws

If you’ve got a stubborn screw that too far drilled in, don’t worry. Simply place a rubber band between the drill and screw– this will give you greater friction and ta-dah! The screw will pop out.



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