5 ways to maximise storage space

Whether your home is large or small, it’s easy to accumulate enough stuff to fill it. But you don’t want to have a house that looks cluttered or unorganised.
Learning how to maximize your storage space will not only lower your stress level, it will also make your home more spacious and welcoming. Here are five ways you can maximize your home storage space without major remodelling.

1. Declutter
The first step to making your storage space more efficient is to get rid of some things. If you find you haven’t used something in a couple of years, it’s likely you won’t miss it after it’s gone.
Whatever you decide you can live without, donate to charity, sell it at a car boot sale, online or throw it storage bag
2. Shelving
The good thing about shelves is that you can install them just about anywhere and they are relatively inexpensive. Go vertical in some rooms by building shelves from floor to ceiling.
When thinking three dimensionally, you can use shelves for diverse situations. You can store out-of-season clothing and other items you do not use on a regular basis on the higher shelves. You can add extra shelves to your closet space to store clothing, in the bathroom for toiletry items, in the office for books and other supplies.


3. Garage organisation
Most garages are built mainly to park your vehicles, but you can make changes to convert it into extra storage space. This is another area where shelves are helpful.
It’s essential to make sure you’re installing sturdy brackets, considering the majority of things you will be storing in a garage will be large and heavy items. Installing a peg board can also make storing tools and cords easier and make them more accessible.
4. Utilise dead space
There is dead space everywhere in your home. Some examples include the space under the stairs, the gap between the top shelf and the ceiling in the closet, under the bed, and the gap between the cabinets and the ceiling in the kitchen. A few baskets or bins can provide organised storage space in these underutilised areas of your home.
5. Look up
Sometimes you simply don’t have enough wall and floor space to expand your storage options. If this is the case, consider using the ceiling. In the kitchen, for example, you can hang your pots and pans from small hooks in the ceiling.
In the garage, overhead storage racks or heavy duty hooks can be used to store camping gear or a bicycle. You can also install a storage net or hammock in a child’s bedroom to store stuffed animals and other toys.
So there you have it 5 ways that can help maximise storage easily.



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