How to prepare your clothes for Long Term storage

With the summer out and in full swing many people turn to storage to keep all their winter belongings. Hats, scarves, and all the woollens are needed no longer!

Also, if you’ve got clothing stocks in a storage room, or you’re a student, then this is the ideal guide for you read.

Here’s our guide to getting your clothes in the right condition before you store them, using this guide your clothes could last for years!

  1. Clean ‘em right

Don’t leave any particles of food or dirt on them. Give them a thorough clean so that stains don’t get increased in the fabric over time. Also, dirty clothes or anything sticky could attract insects. Make sure your clothes are dry-cleaned, washed and most importantly dry before you pack them.


  1. Dry

It is mentioned above but really, one cannot underestimate the need for the clothes to be dry as a bone. Wet clothes will encourage damp and mould to grow. The last thing you want is to open your unit after summer to find mould growth over everything.


  1. Vacuum pack?

Vacuum packing is advisable sometimes, or sometimes not. If the clothes are very vacuum-packingexpensive or are going to be stored for a long period of time, (Long term Storage) say more than 8 weeks then vacuum packing isn’t advised. However, if you want to save space and only need the storage short term, go ahead and suck all the air out!


  1. Plastic boxes

Don’t make the mistake of backing your clothes in cardboard boxes. they will rot if they are slightly wet, and will not be able to keep out small flies or insects. Don’t use plastic bags, as they will trap nay moisture and encourage damp and mould.


  1. Cool and dark

Keeping your clothes dark and cool should do the trick of keeping them good as new and ready to go as soon as you need them. Our storage containers are all weather proof, so there’s not need to worry about them being ruined by the elements.


  1. Store them right

Put all heavy items on the bottom and lighter ones on the top. If you want to buy a rail to store your clothes, so you can hang them up. Special boxes are available, to buy with built in rods.


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