Clear up the clutter! Storage tips for a neater house

Today let’s talk about DIY storage solutions – quick, easy and perfect for a clean-up. Read on…

  1. 1. Jewellery containers – yes, those small boxes that look awfully pretty when you buy your accessories in them- but do they do any use? Not really – they can clutter up cupboards and draws and can be bulky to store. You could throw them out or you could clip them together and make a DIY draw divider – and then go ahead a throw in all the random bits and bobs you have lying around your room.


  1. 2. Glass jars – nothing screams hipster as much as glass jars and you can go all out with this handy and stylish tool. Dry and air out some old jars – the more different the better! And arrange them as a collection. You can also choose to fix then to the underside of a shelf or even on a wall. If not – make them a standout feature on a desk and place hairbands, pins, screws or any other small items that get mixed up easily!


  1. 3. Tissue box – now that the 5p price of plastic bags is in full force plastic bags are more precious than ever! Keep them safe stuffed in an empty tissue box and enjoy the ease of this makeshift dispenser.


  1. 4. File/ magazine holder – we’ve all got those old cardboard or metal magazine holders lying around. Put them to good use and mount it in a discreet place to store foil, baking paper, cling film and other dispensers. Genius – we know!


  1. 5. Dish rack – these old things sure do come in handy! With the divers perfectly apart get out all your purses or clutches and put them one after the other so you can see them all! Makes picking the perfect purse for the next occasion a breeze. And don’t stop there! we have more secrets, if you have a small rack, then put in colouring books, or any other magazines that clutter up your living room and voila! A neat stack of magazines and books. And each can be selected individually without the need to flip through.


  1. 6. Spice rack – who knew having a spice rack would be so helpful? For anyone who likes to buy lots of different coloured nail polishes, the clutter of so many bottles can be irritating and can make it difficult to find the one you’re after. With the spice rack, just pop them all in a choose at your choice!


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