Winter gear you need! Get these out of Storage Today!

Winter is officially here. with the weather freezing our feet and confining us to our houses it’s time to get these items out of storage and in your house to keep your niece and warm.

1. Heated slippers
Think fluffy socks meets hot water bottle – these make the best friend of people with cold feet. and it’s no wonder! they’re so cosy you won’t want to take them off. perfect for lounging around the house, buy them here from Lookagain


2. Sledge
Hope for a white Christmas and if you’re lucky you’ll get what you wished for. unpack your sled from storage and get rolling!
or if you haven’t got one yet – invest in a cheap and cheerful sled for happy memories.
If you find that you need something a little more fancy why not invest in the steerable sled, to stop those unnecessary crashes into gates and trees! find one here.


3. Mobile friendly gloves
Imagine that sinking feeling of seeing a message pop up on your screen and not being able to read it because your hands are nice and toasty in your gloves. no longer! you can now but gloves that keep your hands warm and ensure you can use your phone at the same time.

4. Winter duvets
Nothing like snuggling in a large duvet or a heated Blanket to make you feel warm and fuzzy – get out your winter duvets or buy a nice heated blanket. snuggle in and sip your hot chocolate. buy one here


5. Winter clothing
For people who love jumpers there’s nothing quite as exciting as winter fashion. The thick wooly jumpers are cozy, comfy and ever so cute.
Christmas jumpers have the edge, so don’t forget to buy one – see a selection of there here.


6. For the Pet
Don’t forget about your pet, cats and dogs alike move and small warm spot to hide in. particularly cats. so why not invested in a heated pet bed? you can see them here if not that, why not try and get an insulated bed to keep them warm and out from the cold.


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