How to make some cash from your clutter

Self -storage for personal use is the perfect place to store items you won’t use for long periods of time, or between seasons or when you’re moving house.

However, if you are using one long term, you will notice that instead of it being full of needed objects it will begin to fill with clutter. This can also apply to any household storage – and its time to get rid of the clutter and make some cash from it.

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What you really shouldn’t put in self-storage

Amongst the things we’ve learnt from our self-storage facilities are the funniest things people have tried to store in their large outdoor containers.

While our containers are weather proof, and are monitored by CCTV at all times there are many things that just aren’t suitable for storage.

Here’s a list of the weird, wonderful and some albeit strange things we’ve found happening:


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Make-up storage tips

How many of us have gone to the drug store, not needing anything but some wipes or something trivial and ended up bringing back a haul of makeup, and sometimes it’s not even things we think we need! Those little impulse buys – a blusher here, another shade of lipstick there and that different coloured eyeliner. We all do it…so how do we sort it out? Read our helpful storage tips for cleaning up your makeup drawer.


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