How To Care & Store Your Garden Furniture

Summer is already a distant memory for most of us – with the British summer time over it’s undoubtedly time to say hello to the warm fires inside and bye to the patio furniture.

So, what is the best way to care and store your garden furniture? It sometimes seems such a chore to make sure you store them properly – but believe us, you’ll thank us for doing it right next summer!


If your garden furniture is expensive and you don’t want any damage done to them it’s a good idea to use a self-storage unit to store them – this is will ensure maximum protection from the elements. However, if you’re not so sure here are a few ways to ensure the best protection while at home.


  • 1) Cleaning before storage

It’s so important to clean your garden furniture regularly and more importantly before you store it – garden furniture has a way of getting dirty and then becoming incredibly stubborn when you try and remove it. Throughout out the summer keep cleaning with water and soap and even a quick sand to remove any stubborn dirt. Before you store make sure it’s clean and fully dry!


  • 2) Give it a lick of life

Varnish is quick and easy way to give your ageing furniture a new lease of life – give it a quick paint of varnish and leave it to dry. Varnish is also an edownload-4xcellent way to prevent water being absorbed and rotting or rusting. The varnish acts and a waterproof barrier -so if you’re going to store them somewhere damp make sure to add varnish and some waterproof wrapping.


  • 3) Cover it up and store

If you haven’t got space in your grange, shed or anywhere else – the best idea moving forward is to get some tough waterproof coverings. Whilst garden furniture is built to withstand the elements it can be ages and worn out much faster by it! And there’s nothing more annoying to find your favourite garden chair still wet from last night’s rain. PVC backed covers are the best idea and they’ll also keep out pesky and unwanted animal infestations.


  • 4) Store your cushions

The last rule is simple – cushions should never be left out in winter. Never in Britain anyway. All soft furnishings must be placed indoors. Unless you’ve got zip lock waterproof bags, take them indoors!


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