How to pack your self-storage unit like a pro

Self-storage can make your life so much easier. More than you’ll ever imagine. But remember that’s only if you pack your self-storage unit like a pro. Today we’ve got all the hints and tips to getting you fitting all you need in an organized way.

First off you need to know what’s going in there. If you’re putting small items or large it’s a good idea to make an itinerary. Keep on big itinerary and also keep small itineraries over smaller storage boxes. This will help you enormously when trying to find what you need.

Second, make sure you label your boxes. Nice big clear labels that stand out so you know exactly what sort of items are in there. Once you’ve done packing all your boxes they will all look identical so make sure you add labels like ‘heavy’ or ‘fragile’.

Also, don’t use different sized boxes. Use boxes of either the same size or 2 different sizes. That way stacking them up will be much easier and you’ll be able to make the most of all space you’ve been given. Use up every penny worth!

Use boxes as much as possible. If you just throw your items into the storage container they’ll get dusty and will be haphazard! Keep your items safe and use boxes.

Think of your boxes as something that you’re going to carry. It’s a good idea to not stuff all the heavy items in one box. If possible fill the bottom half with heavy items so the box stands storage, and put lighter items on the top so that the weight is more distributed.

When packing books don’t pack huge boxes full. They’ll be impossible to carry and will just sag if there are too many. Don’t pack them upright either, put them flat to stop their spines getting damaged. 251

Bubble wrap will be your new best friend! Wrap any breakables or fragile items in bubble wrap.

Dismantle your furniture! This will save you space and allow you to get the most out of your storage unit. If you can’t, then use those hollow areas! Under the table, in the wardrobe…all these spaces can fit a box a two.

And lastly, don’t forget…but your boxes in the order that you need them. If you need a particular item regularly…make sure it’s at the front. If you need something that requites another item to work make sure they’re packed together or are near together for easy access.

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