Storing of your valuables for moving & Self-Storage

When it comes to packing we’ve all made the fair few number of mistakes, whether that’s wrapping your glasses in newspaper or packing the heavy items side beside with delicate ones.

So here’s a handy list of how to safely pack and move the most common materials.

Storing Metal:

All metal items are susceptible to rusting and tarnish and this means that the family silver tea set can be very badly damaged if not stored correctly. Most industrial machinery is packed using oil as it helps to keep corrosion and rust at bay. However, this doesn’t always seem very appealing. Instead you can clean all your silver carefully – making sure to remove all dirt and then store it in specialised silver storage bags known as pacific silver cloth.

Storing Glass:

Storing  of glass for short term in newspaper will do no harm,  as any ink that may be rubbed on to them can be washed off. However, for long-term storage, using unprinted paper is probably a better option. The ink that could potentially be rubbed may become stubborn after a long time as the temperature in the storage units is not fully controlled. Using bubble wrap is the best option as not only will it protect your items from dust, but it will also stop your delicate china, crystal or mirrors from cracking. While packing your glass make sure to remember that the bubbles should face outward so that they don’t leave marks.

Storing Electronics:

Electronics are easily corroded and damaged by moisture – and unlike other goods there really is no going back. If your electronics sustainb1065656138 damage over a long period of time (i.e. in a storage container) then the likelihood of reversing that process is very small. Instead take precaution from the onset. Wrap your electronics in bubble wrap to stop physical damage and also invest in buying some desiccant packets. These are the little white packets you find in handbags, or in laptop cases and they are there for good reason! They suck all the moisture out of the air –essentially preventing any moisture damage. Make your packaging is as airtight as possible and you should be fine!


Storing Appliances:

Even the big items like fridge freezers are vulnerable to dew, mildew and ruin – before storing them make sure to clean them all thoroughly and drain any water in the pan. And don’t forget it leave the doors cracked slightly open to ensure air circulation.

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