Long Term Storage in Leicester


Long term storage in Leicester is good for many reasons. In fact, long term storage in general is an amazing thing for so many reasons. Read on to see why.

In Leicester we offer storage sizes of 20sq feet and our storage containers can hold up to 12 medium sized cardboard boxes. remember the way you choose to store your items is your choice. Boxes, rails or any other way is entirely up to you.
For long term storage in Leicester, it’s important to know how you’re going to store – as we all often do, we think we’ll remember exactly how or why we’ve put things a certain way but when it comes to the time, we are all often at loss as to why on earth we but the kid’s toys with the cooking pots.
If you’re storing for a long time, it’s a good idea to get your ideas sorted before you store long term – remember you could forget.
It’s worth noting that we do offer long term storage in Leicester, and with this the price of storage container will decrease for you. Long term storage is no joke! And that’s why we offer the best prices for the best service.
We class ‘long term’ as above 4 weeks – so if you’re looking to get your price reduced and need long term storage in Leicester then you know we’re the right storage company for you.
Long term storage in Leicester is the perfect opportunity for any person who wants to have a discount price, while moving homes, or storing large amounts of stock.
Say, you’re a stockists of children’s clothing. Winter has arrived and you’ve still got a huge amount of summer stock left. But it’s generic and could be sold next year. So obviously a good idea would be to put those items into a storage container and enjoy the luxury of stocking up on new winter items that you want.
Long term storage in Leicester is easy – you have easy access to the site and can easily access your goods anytime of the day or night.
Don’t make your storage experience difficult – block book for anytime for up to over 4 weeks and enjoy the chances of hassle free long term storage in Leicester.

If you’re looking for Cheap, secure extra store space for your ease and comfort, take a look at our storage facilities, located in LeicesterLoughborough, and Derby. Gives us a call on 0116 289 0876 or email us at