Self-storage and Relocation. A match made in Stress-free Heaven

Moving belongings from place to place is stressful and you’ll know that if you’ve moved stuff from room to room of from building to building.

Person buried under storage boxes

And more than often things don’t always turn out the way you planned. One thing’s for sure we all trip up with the same mistake. We think it’s going to be simple and hassle free. By overestimating how easy things are going to be, we face all the worst tasks.

But with Ezeey storage, we can make it easy. Trust us. We’ve had storage experience: Frazzled customers looking for last minute storage in panicked rush to find somewhere to store their goods.  So we’ve put together a list of reasons you really need to get some storage before you move:

  • Backup

Your old office is closing. All goods need to be out and moved by 12. The move takes much longer than anticipated. The only option you have for storage is the mouldy van you hired. Not sure about you, but I wouldn’t fancy putting my soda in there. With a weather-proof clean storage space you always have the emergency solution.

And the great thing is, at Ezeey we have hugely flexible contracts, so you needn’t worry about having to hire for weeks on end.

  • Clear the clutter

When you move; you often find stuff that you really don’t want anymore. Old ornaments, rusty garden tools and other objects that you no longer have any interest with. The last thing you want to do is put all that unwanted clutter into your new home of office. So don’t! rent a storage space for you to simply place your unwanted items in there till you get time to sort it out. Being stressed out about items you don’t immediately need is even more stress in top of your move!

  • Order

Moving everything you own at one time, from one place to another can be a headache and what’s more can take weeks and weeks till everything is fully organised. Having to dump everything you own jumbled and then sort thought it is an awful prospect. Whereas if you have a storage container ready you can move your belongings in at a steady pace and bring some order to the chaos that relocation brings.



If you’re looking for Cheap, secure extra store space for your ease and comfort, take a look at our storage facilites, located in: Leicester, Loughboroguh and Derby. Gives us a call on: 0116 289 0876 or email us at: