Space saving furniture – The answer for smaller living spaces

For anyone living in a small house or apartment you’ll know that space is everything. if you overestimate you can end up with items all over the show, and for anyone who hates clutter this can be very frustrating. Newer, innovative space saving furniture is the answer to all your problems. Read on to see some of our favourite picks.

  • Foldable/extendable tables

For anyone who lives in a small house, finding the luxury of space to sit around a dining table for a sit-down dinner is not an option. This means you’re using your kitchen counter with bar stools, or balancing your plate on your lap. Do this no more, you can now purchase coffee table that are adjustable in height and length that allow you to open them up and eat off! No more awkwardly balancing your drink and bowl.


  • Stair storage

This is a simple yet genius idea. Stairs essentially take up a huge amount of space yet don’t do anything. By converting each stair into a drawer, you can use them to store shoes, and other smaller items.



  • Storage beds

These are now fairly common. An extension to opening footstools and ottomans, these opening beds allow you to store boxes of clothes, shoes and other items to save space. The mattress simply pulls up to reveal the cubby underneath – banish those inefficient bed draws and maximise your storage space by investing in one of these.


  • Fold down desk

Desks are something everyone needs from time to time, whether its for kid’s home work, working from home or simply browsing the internet with your laptop – desks make for excellent tools. However they’re bulky, big and take up room – no matter what size they come in. these new mounted desks come as a cabinet to mount of the wall and simply fold out for usage whenever you need. Hassle and clutter free!


  • Let there be light! Always

A book lover or anyone who enjoys atmospheric lighting will be delighted by the production of these awesome clip on lamps. They can me moved around wherever needed. No need to have lamps stationed here and there – control the lighting in your house by simply moving them around whenever needed.


We hope you’re inspired to start looking for more efficient ways to store household items – but if you need more, don’t hesitate to reach out for self-storage in the mean time!


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