Storage on-site

If you are looking to rent a storage container direct to your site, Ezeey Self Storage can help you.

Those who are working in construction, building or schools can rent a storage container that can be directly delivered to any location across the UK.

Ezeey Self Storage can help provide 20ft and 40ft containers to any site across the UK at the best prices including transport to and from the site.

With construction companies and builders needing a safe and secure storage facility on site, hiring a 20ft and 40ft container presents the best solution to save money, time and costs.

5 reasons to choose Ezeey Self Storage for your on-site storage container needs

1. Flexibility
Ezeey Self Storage can provide flexible options to help meet time needs required for storage whether you need a container long-term or short-term to cope with project timelines or a property relocation.

2. Save money and time with direct access
With access directly on your site there is the additional time and money saved in travelling to and from any storage so you can enjoy storage in the comfort of your site or school.

3. Safe and Secure storage
Every storage container we provide, whether 20ft or 40ft, comes with a lock box as standard to protect your padlock and make your vandal proof to give you peace of mind storage of your tools, materials and equipment.

4. 100% guaranteed weather-proof
Come hail, sleet, rain or snow, every 20ft and 40ft container is 100% weather-proof guaranteed to protect your belongings from all weather terrains.

5. We deliver and collect
Worried you do not have the vehicle to deliver and collect your container? Don’t worry, as Ezeey Self Storage have access and facilities to drop-off and collect the container anywhere in the UK.

If you are looking for on-site container hire anywhere in the UK, simply call us today on  01509 260 052 or email

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