The best commercial storage facilities in Loughborough

Yes, today our blog is all about blowing our own trumpet. We have and we will always claim to have the best facilities in Loughborough for commercial storage.
Want to know how? Well here’s our list to the best commercial storage facilities in Loughborough:

1) Versatile
Our Loughborough storage facility has the greatest number of different sizes for storage. Ranging from 121sq ft. to 266sq ft. with a total of 13 different sizes. With such a large number of sizes available, it no wonder business choose to store with us. They can upsize of downsize accordingly, and get the best deal fit for their storage needs.

2) Eager to form a relationship
Sometimes the best things aren’t just about the product, but they’re also about the service that is given. Our staff on site are friendly, helpful and always willing to help businesses in the best way possible. We pride ourselves on that and therefore see ourselves as one of the best commercial storage facilities in Loughborough.

3) Pricing
Pound-CoinsWith storage, the killer question is always around price. If renting storage is so expensive that it’s not worth it, then people wouldn’t bother! Commercial storage for many business is a life saver. With the cost of basic overheads gone, and no need to buy warehouse space – storage is the best bet for many businesses.

4) Access
If you’re thinking of renting storage it’s often a worry that your goods will be locked up, never to be seen again until your lease ends. On the contrary, with our 24 hour access, there is no need to worry. Whenever you need the storage, just come in and help yourself. Access to the facilities is also easy! Just off the A6, it always amiable when you need access to one of the best commercial storage facilities in Loughborough.

Thinking of coming to see the best commercial storage facilities in Loughborough?

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