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The Top 5 weirdest things ever sold on eBay

I’m sure we’ve all come across out fair share of weird and wonderful items while browsing online – but even these would come as a surprise for many. Amongst the numerous gag gifts of fake poop, vomit and others there are funnier and spookier items to be found.


1. A cheese sandwich

Yes, that’s correct – a cheese sandwich fetched a whopping $28,000 in Florida. It supposedly bore the face of virgin Mary. It was 10 years old when it was sold, and the woman who grilled it said it never went mouldy. You can read more about it here.


2. Hair clippings of Justin Bieber

You may be wondering how on earth they appeared on the site in the first place – but in fact, there’s quite a nice story behind it. Justin offered them to TV host Ellen DeGeneres, and she decided to place them up for auction. The fetched a huge $40,668. She then donated all the money to an animal rescue centre. See the rest of the story here


3. A Half-eaten breakfast

It seems food, and Justin’s all feature in the weird mix of items that have been sold on eBay. This time it was a half-eaten breakfast of Justin Timberlake – at a radio station in 2000. Brought by a 19-year old super fan, this half meal was brought for $1,025. See what the breakfast contained here.


4. Armour for a guinea pig

Yes, you did read that correctly – it even came with a matching helmet. This item was tiny handmade suit of armour for a guinea pig. The description promised that with the suit the guinea pig would be protected and secure in all situations.

“Is your pet guinea pig tired of wandering around the house unarmoured and vulnerable? Do they get picked on by other guinea pigs? Has your guinea pig ever wanted to go with you to a Renaissance Faire but had nothing to wear?” Read the full description here


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5. A dead fairy

Creepy as hell – this tops our list of one of the weirdest and strangest things to be sold on EBay. Described by the seller as ‘The apparent mummified corpse of a fairy being – or some kind of demon offspring (?)’. see the picture of it, click this link


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