Tour of the storage facilities in Derby

Let’s take a look around the storage facilities in Derby – like all storage facilities its filled with storage containers and looks a bit scary! But don’t worry – this place will become 2nd home once all your stuff is safe and locked away.

The storage facilities in Derby, has many different container sizes. Let’s take a look at some of them and possible see what could fit in each.

In case you didn’t know, our storage facilities in Derby are in a place called heanor. Which is in derby – Don’t be confused!

First up, is the big big storage container: 5024sq feet this is huge container! And it’s perfect for anyone who wants a temporary warehouse. This is the largest container we have and it roughly the size of a small house! It is perfect for large items or for stock holding.

The next container size we have at the storage facilities in Derby is the 2024 sq. feet, this is slightly smaller but still very large in comparison to other sizes. It would still be the best option for anyone looking for storage of large items or for warehousing.

Remember our containers and storage come with the advantage of being accessible for 24 hours and that they have 24-hour security as well. Don’t be fooled by other cheaper prices, without the real deal!

Storage Units Leicester, Derby, Loughborough

Next up in our shipping container variety is the 1021 sq. feet size. Again this is a very large storage unit and would do well for anyone who was storing stock or even moving offices. At the storage facilities in Derby we offer you the best service and will help you out – in whichever way we can so that you can move, relocate, stock or store in the easiest way possible.

Storage for when moving offices is the best option for a hassle free move! We all know how stressful moving from one side of the office to the other can be – but moving offices completely is a whole different story, sometimes you need that extra space to make sense of all the stuff you can unearth during re-locating!

One things for sure – at the storage facilities in Derby you can rest assured that your items will be safe from thieves and the elements.

Our 24-hour CCTV cameras ensure total coverage and our weather-proof boxes will make sure your items are dry and safe!

 If you’re looking for Cheap, secure extra store space for your ease and comfort, take a look at our storage facilities, located in Leicester, Loughborough, and Derby. Gives us a call on 0116 289 0876 or email us at