9 Storage Hacks You Need to know

Once you start using these hacks you’ll never know how you lived without them. Here are the best storage hacks in town.


  1. 1. CD lid storage:

Tupperware is a nightmare, but we always need it. Frustrating at it is, we’re always trying to find a way to store it. New hack! Use a CD storage rack to store the lids on one side of your draw and leaves the other half free to be filled with stacked up tubs.


  1. 2. Craft storageart_and_craft_supplies

If you’re into crafts, or you have young children who love to mess with colours and paints – you’ll know how easy it is for the room to get very messy with all the mess. But here’s the idea! Purchase a wine rack and use the empty barrels to store all your items in an easily reached storage solution.


  1. 3. Card storage

Cards usually come in small cardboard boxes that slowly wear away and break, leaving the games box messy and filled with cards all over the place! Don’t let this happen – buy a cheap soap box from your local discount store and put all the cards in there


  1. 4. Keep away the wet

If you have wooden cupboards and draws in your kitchen, it’s available to put something at the bottom so that water doesn’t impregnate the wood and make it damp. Use extra pieces of lino, or old wipe away tablecloths.


  1. 5. Look up!

Why forget that they sky is the limit? If you have a cupboard with a free ceiling: Put up two wires parallel to each other and just slot in those annoying wrapping paper rolls. Saves them getting lost in the closet as well.


  1. 6. Draw tidy20644117293010p

Continually rummaging through piles of hair bands, bobby pins, earrings and more? No longer – buy some discount ice cube trays and simply sort all your little bits into sections, and then put it in your draw for an easy desk tidy.


  1. Flip-flops

Tired of your cabinet floor being cluttered by pairs of unworn sandals? We know the feeling – but thankfully we have this great solution. Get a wire hanger and cut through the middle part of the hanger, bend both pieces upward to form small shoe hangers. Slip the flip flops on and enjoy a clutter free cabinet.



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