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Common Self-Storage Mistakes

If you’re using self-storage or you’re storing away things in general do it right! Don’t make the common mistakes people use when packing their things away. Follow our guide for a fool-proof way to avoid mistakes that will cost you.


  1. 1. Dry

Everything you pack must be dry as a bone. Use towels and cloths to wipe down items before putting them in. this reduces bacteria growth as there is no damp for it bacteria to fester.


  1. 2. Put the newspaper down

Don’t think that wrapping your porcelain and china plates in newspaper will suffice. It really wont. Be smart about how you work. the ink from the newspapeNews paper and bubble wrapr can strafe onto your expensive items and wont protect them from breakage at all. Use bubble wrap instead for an ink free and safer way to wrap your items.


  1. 3. Keep them away from the elements

Make sure your storage unit ill well-made and will protect your goods from rain and sun. At Ezeey storage our containers are weather proof so you don’t need to worry about getting that wrong!


  1. 4. Important things last

Make sure things you need every day/week are near to the form for quick easy access to them.


  1. 5. Measure

Make sure you know how much space you need! You don’t want to be cramming things in it your unit leaving no space to walk, and you don’t want to hire out so much space that you’re paying for extra. Talk to one of our team about the size you’ll need to get the best quote.


  1. 6. Use the boxes properly

Don’t lug about the flimsy boxes you used years ago to store things in your attic! Use good new boxes that will hold your stuff with ease. Without you having to worry about the bottom breaking open.


  1. 7. Keep a list

This is so important! All too often we find ourselves looking for something we think we have, but in fact is sitting in the storage box. Not only does the list make things easy, but it also ensures that you have something to refer to when you stop using storage.


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