How self-storage can help in the event of a Family member’s death

Losing a loved one is always a difficult, sad and very emotional time for any individual and family. See how self-storage can help ease the stress of the situation and help you feel more in control.

Immediately after death, selling the house or residence can see rather daunting and not very high on the priorities list. However self-storage can play a huge role in making sure that the house does get sold.

First impressions on buyers are integral to selling the property. Most are made within 7-10 seconds from arrival and that means making sure that the first area a potential buyer sees is clear, clean and attractive.

De-clutter the areas that they are going to immediately see, and place all excess items and furniture into a rented storage container.

Remember with Ezeey storage, no rental time is too short for us.

Sometimes, having a quick renovation and putting the house for rent can be the best option. Especially if money is needed quickly. In that case the easier option is to again remove all furniture and simply place it into storage while the house is renovated.

If you’re looking to sell the belongings of the family member it’s easier to do so from the back of storage unit, than from the house. Why keep the house off the market for longer? Remove all the items, store them, put the house up and then you’re free to sell the items as you please.


What’s more, sometimes it can be hard to let go immediately, if you know you need to put the property on sale but aren’t quite ready to let go of all the possessions, then this really is the perfect solution.

Self-storage allows you the time and space to grieve and heal before finally keeping or selling those possessions on.

Also, if you and your family decide to split the possessions it can be best to do so after a while, once the initial shock and grief has worn off.

Remember self-storage is the place you want your possessions to be safe and within selling or touching distance. Ezeey storage provides that! With 24-hour access and security you can guarantee that any time you want to drop in to see those belongings or to carry out a sale you can.

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