How to fold clothes to save storage space in your draws

We’ve got 4 great tips to keeping your storage draws neat, clutter-free and pretty looking. Envious of those well staked, magazine cover images. Be jealous no more! Read our tips today to get draws that will satisfy your inner perfectionist.

  1. How to fold your T-shirts

Put the t-shirt facing down, with the back towards you. Fold one side of the t-shirt long ways into the middle. And then fold the sleeve onto the piece. Repeat that step with the other side of the shirt to get a nice rectangular shape. And then it’s easy! Simply fold the shirt in halves or thirds depending on how big is it. So that the collar is showing when you turn it around. If you want your shirt to stand on its own, we recommend you put the collared part of the shirt in the middle for that extra support.

And don’t stack! Put the shirts vertically so you can access them all, without making a mess.

  1. Roll em up!

If you don’t want crisp iron lines, it’s a good idea to roll up every day tank tops or vests. Everyone had tons of these and sure enough they begin take over your draws. Don’t fear! Fold them just a shown above with t-shirts, but this time instead of folding, just roll up from the bottom to the top. Now you can easily squish them all in. dresser-2

  1. Balled up socks?

Don’t carelessly ball up your socks and get annoyed when they all don’t fit. Lay your socks flat with the heels flat so the toes aren’t pointing in any direction. Grab the toes and very slowly and tightly begin rolling – tuck in any material that’s sticking out.

  1. Fold trousers and jeans

There’s always one hanger in the cupboard at a weird angle because it has jeans weighing it down on one side. Not anymore! This time we’re going to fold the trousers. Lay them flat, smooth any wrinkles and fold one leg on top of another for a rectangular shape. Fold in thirds or halves depending on size and then stack them vertically.

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