Make-up storage tips

How many of us have gone to the drug store, not needing anything but some wipes or something trivial and ended up bringing back a haul of makeup, and sometimes it’s not even things we think we need! Those little impulse buys – a blusher here, another shade of lipstick there and that different coloured eyeliner. We all do it…so how do we sort it out? Read our helpful storage tips for cleaning up your makeup drawer.


  • Caddy/dividers0202202_l

Small plastic baskets make the perfect draw fillers to easily separate out the face products from the eye shadow pallets. Colour code them by spray painting them or by adding washi tape across the edges for a cute and hassle-free look.


  • Jars

For all those into the hipster look, this is the ideal storage solution for your brushes. Jam, honey or other condiment jars can be washed out and used to store your brushes in the best possible way. The labels can also be kept on if
they look good enough. No jars? Pop down to your local storage shop to buy some cheap mason jars or cups.


  • Clear Acrylic drawers

These clear draws are all the range for makeup storage and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They come as cheap as five pounds and less and are in great demand for obvious reasons. All your makeup can be thrown or placed in the draws, where you can see them.



  • Vases

Small products that take up lots of space are the most annoying products. They end up everywhere and can become a real hassle if not stored correctly. Not to worry, buy a glass footed vase or a simple jar vase and throw in all your items. Small eye shadows, nail varnish or beauty blenders.


  • Magazine stands

Yes, if you have any clear acrylic stands they make the perfect eyeshadow palette stands. Simply place them in there to see them clearly, pick out the one you like and enjoy a clutter free makeup drawer and desk.


Having your makeup drawer sorted and possibly on display, will really help free up space and even encourage you to use those bits of makeup that you don’t use all that often. And besides who doesn’t want a Pinterest and Instagram-worthy makeup dresser and drawer?


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