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Moving Aboard? Our Top storage tips.

Whether you’ve mead the lifelong decision to move to another country, are packing for a gap year or are simply going to study away from home – moving abroad is daunting – Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered. Read our tips for moving abroad.

It’s stressful time – but make it fun and hassle free with these amazing tips.

  • 1. Let’s talk money

Get a money expert. Yes, you will need someone to sort out your tax, currency exchange, banking, benefits and pension to sort out. If you’re not a financial expert that list alone should make you go running to your nearest advisor. Cough up, and it’ll pay off in the long run.shipping container


  • 2. Who you need to tell

Aside from your family and friends – there are many bodies that need to know you’ve packed and gone. The social security office, the deprtment of work and pensions, and HMRC.


  • 3. Your car

Best idea? Sell it and start afresh. Its costly to import your car and you’d much rather have a brand new car for a brand new start in life!


  • 4. Health insurance

Home comforts such as the NHS are no longer available – you will need to take out health insurance to cover the cost of any health issues. Don’t rely on luck and leave yourself susceptible to huge medical bills.


  • 5. Learn the Languagedownload

Don’t be fooled! English isn’t everywhere – learn a bit of the language before you go, so that you can mix with the local and become one of them.


  • 6. Local laws and customs

Yes, new country, new laws. Don’t think you won’t be caught out. Make sure you read up and familiarize yourself with what is and what isn’t acceptable. First impressions count!


  • 7. Join ex-pat groups

Ease the homesickness and join people you’re familiar with. This will really help you get through the first couple of months. It’s always good to meet people in the same boat as you.


  • 8. Don’t stuff your suitcase with food

You have to check what the authorities of that county will allow in! if you don’t you could be forced to leave huge amounts of food at the border. Also, let yourself settle and then get favourite chocolates or comforts sent over.


  • 9. Stuff at home?

Leave anything you want to keep in a storage container, for safekeeping.



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