Lots of suitcases

Top Tips For Packing Light

For all seasoned travellers,  the art of packing would have been mastered and they know exactly what they need – and have their own style of doing so.

For those of us that don’t travel too often, here are tips to travelling light, because let’s face it, the last thing we want to be doing is lugging around a large and bulky suitcase.

So with that bank holiday weekend trip looming, read our guide to getting yourself the best packed bags.



1st Tip: Don’t be last minute.

Never a good plan to leave your packing till the last second. Aim to be packed and ready at least 2 days ahead, so you can just simple throw in any last essentials at the end.


2nd Tip: Make a plan

Sounds folly? Don’t be fooled – by making a plan you’re less likely to forget anything you need. And more importantly you’re less likely to throw in times you don’t need. It’s all those things you ‘think’ you need. If you get rid of them, you immediately end up with a much lighter bag. So make a list and simply check off items as you through them.



3rd Tip: Pick adaptable clothing

If you want to pack light you need to adapt. No time for adding a summer and winter outfit. Pack one jacket as a cover up and pack general clothing for all the time. Pack accessories and jewellery that can be re-worn.

Another idea if you’re up for it is to bring clothes you’re fulling willing to donate to charity. If you don’t have an iron or a washing machine it’s a good idea to wear and dispose, so pick all the clothes you’re willing to donate and then pack your suitcase full of memorabilia from your trip.


4th Tips: Pack them well

Roll your clothes to optimize for space in your suitcase and to reduce creasing. Put jewellery in your socks and put socks inside your shoes. Put your immediately needed items on top – usually PJ’s.


5th Tip: you don’t need all those creams!

Downsize on your toiletries – hotels usually provide shampoo and soap – save yourself squeezing out into small bottles and simply purchase travel sized ones.


6th Tip: leave your stuff save

If you’re travelling for a while, why not rent your house out and move all your snuff to self-storage? This will give you a steady income you’re on the road.

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