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What you really shouldn’t put in self-storage

Amongst the things we’ve learnt from our self-storage facilities are the funniest things people have tried to store in their large outdoor containers.

While our containers are weather proof, and are monitored by CCTV at all times there are many things that just aren’t suitable for storage.

Here’s a list of the weird, wonderful and some albeit strange things we’ve found happening:


  • Animals -whether alive or dead our storage containers are not fir for animals to live in! they are not cages, or holiday homes for pets when you go on holiday! Quite frankly it’s simply cruelty to animals to put them in storage containers.


  • Humans – our facilities are open 2h hours a day, however that does not permit residence in any of them. They are not fit for human residence, especially as the temperature can significantly drop in the winter


  • Anything that might explode – yes anything hazardous or explosive cannot be stored in our containers. In short, you store, ask yourself if this catches fire will it have an immediate damaging effect on the items around it? If yes – don’t even, try and store it. This includes items such a gasoline, corrosives, fertilisers and paint.


  • Radioactive materials – no one wants to have a radiation leak on their hands – no matter how small. So therefore all radioactive waste cannot be stored with us. Rather it must be stored in special, certified sites.


  • Stolen items – do not use our site to hide stolen items in your container. Your storage space can be opened by the authorities at any time – so don’t think they’ll be safe.


  • Firearms – we do not allow the storing of firearms in our containers as they need to be kept in the correct conditions and also need to be fully licenced.


  • Live plants- a storage container is no place for a plant. There is no sunlight and the temperatures will be cold, your plant will most likely die if left in the storage container.


  • Office/shop – yes that’s correct. We have people who have tried to set up offices in our storage units – this isn’t allowed! However, you can use your unit to storage all your stock that is being sold. We also permit customer to come to the site to purchae


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