5 things to ask before you store

At Ezeey Storage we aim to give you the best service possible – we offer the cheapest prices and the friendliest customer service. So, that you get the best possible service for you, we’ve put together of questions you should ask yourself about how to store in self-storage and how it’s going to impact you.


  • Who will have access to my storage Unit?

Decide who you think is suitable to have access to your unit. Whether that’s your business partner, your spouse or anyone else think carefully about who you want to allow access for to the storage unit.



  • How much will I need to store?

You need to know how much you need to store to find the best storage container for your needs. Approximate using how many boxes you think you’ll need and then view our sizes that suit you. If you need help doing this simply give us a call and we can help you get the best size. Call us on 01509 260052 – you can also contact us if you need hep approximating the amount of storage goods you have.


  • How am I going to transport my goods?padlock

Decide how you are going to transport your goods to your storage unit. You can decide to use a van to transport your goods or if you prefer you can take trips between our storage locations in Leicester, Loughborough and Leicester. We have leads to the best priced vans for hire – so give us a ring to get some prices and numbers.


  • How am I going to pack correctly?

The internet is a brilliant place to find all the correct methods to packing – from clothes, toys, shoes, makeup and much more. Utilise the internet and read up on the best way to pack and store all your items. Also, look at our blog on how to store valuables and gardening furniture.


  • What’s the price?

At Ezeey Storage our prices are fully transparent and we will let you know what our prices cover. We can offer the cheapest prices so make sure you give us a call to get a quote. Our prices are cheap, reasonable and value for money. Our storage locations are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and our friendly staff are always on hand to help.


If you’re looking for Cheap, secure extra store space for your ease and comfort, take a look at our storage facilities, located in LeicesterLoughborough, and Derby. Gives us a call on 0116 289 0876 or email us at